Go ahead…jump in!

readytojumpIt is that moment, just before opening the door to join meeting, before ascending the stairs to go onstage, before opening the curtain. That flash of time when you wonder, ‘do I really want to do this?’

Yes. Yes you do. And here is why: because by stepping into it, you will be able to lay down your thoughts, concerns and over-thinking. It is in this one step – you wrestle back control over what happens next. Because something WILL happen next.

For brands to tell a better story – there is always risk. Especially if that brand is You, Inc. Your clients and fans are wanting to connect with you, and will buy-in to your cause, your passion, your rallying cry, but only if they hear it from you. So time to speak up.

Being stuck keeps things from moving forward. In traffic and in your head. In order to tell a better story – it has to have a beginning, middle and an end, not just a well crafted table of contents.

J. Maureen Henderson wrote in her column on Forbes.com about some simple things to consider to help you take that plunge.

  1. Admitting you are stuck. As Henderson puts it, ‘come clean’. Admitting to being unable or unwilling to move forward through something scary or unknown is the first step. Don’t over-analyze – just admit it and move on.
  2. Motivated by a dream or a nightmare? Sometimes the best motivation is knowing what you don’t want. Deciding to finally get healthy after experiencing a loved one struggling with a health issue brought on by lifestyle choices is running from the negative toward a positive. It was the ‘uh-oh, I better get busy or….’ that got you off the dime. Henderson refers to it as deciding what you don’t want to be. There is no denying that in order to stay moving forward that it is the positive reinforcement that keeps the focus and honors the promise, but a negative motivation to make that first move cannot be dismissed.
  3. On the heals of #2 – just move! Take a big breath and jump. Open the door, feel the spotlight, push back the curtain – because you are on. Greet the moment with an open heart because your best will come through.

Stop denying the process of growth by staying in the shadows. Step into the light of your next great adventure.