Like A Cow Looking At A New Gate.

cow and field of fresh grass

That is one of my favorite phrases. It fits into so many of life’s situations. And again, it perfectly describes the last few weeks.

Not only does it have a bit of a cowgirl spin on it, but it conjures up many images doesn’t it?  Not stuck, not really stalled. Just stopped. And not that the motion of life didn’t occur. It did. But for this wrangler, a couple of key projects just simply stopped dead in their tracks.

Has that ever happened to you?

First was an online class I am taking – I even extended it because it was coming together so well. And then a project I was doing for a client went sideways on THE FIRST DAY. A list of reasons, shared responsibilities missed. None the less – a missed deadline, then a scramble to make it as right as possible is still a missed deadline.

Perhaps in response to that or independent of it, my workouts at the gym went the same kind of sideways. Not hitting my marks, seemingly not improving. Instead of fun, it was just work. What was happening?

One week later, there began to be a shift. The project came together and I completed my part in record time. The missed deadline is still a point to deal with, but the opportunity to re-gain trust is progressing. At least the door is open. The numbers at the gym went from flat to recordable improvement. I accomplished things I thought outside of my capabilities. What a turnaround.

The principle of  ‘don’t quit now because you don’t know how close you are to your goal’ applies here. If I didn’t stick with it, both situations would not have had the chance to turn from their potential ‘disaster’ status to something better.

Napoleon Hill said it well, “Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step BEYOND their greatest failure.”

Staring at the gate only gets you so far. Contemplating making a change, debating business expansion. Good place to start. But take it one step further. Like the joke about the three frogs thinking of jumping off the log. How many are left? Three. They only thought about jumping.

Embarking on that new, untested path is risky. It is in the applied action where the good stuff happens.

Go ahead. Open the gate and walk through. Maybe the herd will follow you.