Why I Started Blogging

Why I blogStart; as an intransitive verb: a :  to begin a course or journey <started toward the door> <just starting out>.

Everything needs a beginning – and it is the best way to see the whole story, because it will reveal itself in the telling.

I have resisted the art of blogging for all the same reasons as I have heard others express, what will I say and will anybody care when I say it? Yet – the pull to dive in has been impossible to ignore. I just needed a friendly push from a trusted source.

I deep down believe that by writing often, it will help improve my branding skills by actively engaging in the process of telling a story or describing a process. It helps define what visually needs to happen next in that story, therefore defining what to build a brand around. And as with story telling – creativity around brands offers a lot of possibilities. I like possibilities. I also like challenges.

I have been writing for the CrossFit Games as a volunteer for the last 2 years, doing athlete profiles and coverage at the North West Regional in 2012 and 2013. My media background is in broadcast design, so this would require brushing off my copy of “Elements of Style“, remembering everything from my journalism classes in college and  locating my Thesaurus. The process has been a huge stretch and allowed me to grow, to find my voice because:

  1. It scared the heck out of me to be that transparent and have my work displayed on a global stage.
  2. It held high risk for screwing it up. (see #1)
  3. It humbled me when the head editor returned my story for a re-write. And sometimes a re-write of my re-write. (see #2)
  4. It allowed me great conversations with athletes who are striving to be better than yesterday as they pursue their goals to reach the CrossFit Games in Carson California each year. In pursuit of the goal they got better daily .

The last one helped to fuel the confidence, combined with that friendly push, to begin this journey. What is the pursuit of a goal? It is about being better than yesterday. Only by starting and stepping away from the comfortable can that happen. As they do in CrossFit, it was 3,2,1….go!

I am still finding my voice as a writer. I am committed to discovering more in the process.  Starting gives fuel to the possibilities turning into abilities. Challenge accepted.